Gale West has a terrific insight into people and knows how to get to the heart of the problem. Just spending a short time with her was very profitable.  Her suggestions were very helpful and allowed me to overcome an obstacle that I was encountering.  Gale is the “creme of the crop.” Her ability to bring in the Light and Spirit energy is amazing. It was like for me I was in a place called heaven, while being in her presence!  Her listening skills are outstanding, and she really zoned in on what was going on, and was able to breakthrough to get to the core! ”     Maura Murphy, ABR, SFR, BPO  Broker Associate

 "I had one session with Gale. As a result, I successfully restructured my company, focused very efficiently on beneficial relationships and profitable projects, and reinvented my sex life. Today, I am more alive, successful and happy then ever. Ms. West won't get rich as her method is extremely efficient. I wish many people would take advantage of her services." Thomas Marschner, Germany 

“Gale helped me to clear the way to taking the next step in my work. She is great at removing obstacles to your essential self. If you are willing to move forward in your life, Gale will take you there. Her work is Phenomenal!”   Brian Moore  Certified Advanced Rolfer



Chuck-SilversteinMy consultation with Gale immediately made total sense.It was one of those moments’.  It was one of those "aha" moments was able to tune into my current clients with this new perspective, as well as develop a plan of action the was more aligned with the type of clients I would serve. The specificity and resonance of the consultation along with more clarity of specific steps I need to take, helped me more forward toward my goal of reaching clients who needed my particular type of coaching.  Although this is still a work in progress, I feel I have much clear direction and as a result much of my former frustration has been abated.   On a deeper level, the consultation has really helped to validate what my gifts are and what I have to give to my clients in addition to being clearer about action steps.”  Chuck Silverstein   www.chucksilverstein.net


“A chronic lack of income, caused a complete lack of  enthusiasm for my computer consulting business. Things started to change immediately.  Business has picked up, and I’m now staying ahead of my bills. Life feels a lot less scary. After a session with Gale about one of my past lives, I saw that I had been holding spirituality at arm’s length, because of a deep-seated suspicion about religion. This session changed my life and opened me to fully embrace my spirituality.”   Tim Fairbank Tim@timfairbank.com


I went to Gale, knowing I had fears on both being successful and in failing in business. Needless to say, I and my business were going nowhere fast. After the first session, I actually felt something lift or move and the net few days were total joy, freedom from worry and ease. I saw Gale a week or so later to address another issue and this one was big. In a past life I had lost everything and committed suicide, hence the fear that money ruins everything. It’s taken some time to truly let that go, but what i am seeing is this, work, ideas and money are flowing into my life in ways I never imagined. I am very grateful that Gale and I met and the changes she has helped me face and let go of.”  dale@wfstudios.org


The shamanic healing work I did with Gale West was like co-journeying with an old friend, teacher and guide. She opens up the Akashic Field, asks for love and protection from God, Masters, Loved Ones, Angels, Teachers and Guides, and then for permission to make changes in my energy field. As I silently give permission in the protected space she creates, I feel my ego disarm and truly open to the opportunity for healing.

Once in the work, Gale’s gift as a healer lies in diving right to the source of an issue. She facilitates the process of energetically tracking all the tentacles of a pattern or issue to the times and places where soul pieces have frozen stuck to memories from shock, betrayal, rage, and inconsolable grief. Helpers, angels and guides help pull out the issue by the roots and dispose of it properly, retrieve and return the lost soul pieces, then Gail assists in planting something new, loving, and delightful in its place.  She knows how to witness trauma, console the inconsolable with tender acceptance, shift to new opportunities, and freely offers great big smiles of encouragement. Best of all, when she’s done clearing, it’s cleared.”  Dr. Sally Stone


“Before I started working with Gale, I was having a lackluster time with my work and with my life.  I didn’t have a clearly defined direction and was very erratic in my own enthusiasm for both work and life.  As a result, I was erratic in my own income and in any of my own expectations for where I was going.  I saw how Gale had so many skills and decided that she would be able to help me with her many approaches to bringing about positive change for her clients.   As a result of my work with Gale, I started to work through blocks and have now found the direction I want to go in my career.   I now have more enthusiasm, I am finding new clients as I get out of my shell and make useful connections to the community.  I can see that as a result of our work together, I now have a visibly brighter future, which has helped my general mood, my energy level and my overall ability to connect to people.  I expect, with my new direction and enthusiasm, I should be able to increase my income, really step into my newly defined role in my business and bring myself to financial stability and even more than that: a thriving business. ”     Alan Salmi psychotherapist   alan@Alansalmi.com


In the process of transitioning from a multi-use space to an identified psychotherapy center that helps people with emotional, behavioral, and other difficult life issues flourish.  Past frustrations were limiting my speed of moving forward.    With so much old baggage in my business from past strategies tried, was struggling with finding my specific next step. I appreciate Gail’s understanding and connection to a world much bigger than ourselves and using the spiritual world for new insights and direction.

Still much work to be done but insights from first session stay with me.  Gale’s connection with her spiritual advisors made it clear to me that I need to feel good in my life for my business to flourish.

Dr. Julia Rahn