In the years I’ve been working in the Records, I have been fortunate to receive prayers that I have found to be incredibly powerful and profound. I would like to share some of these prayers with you. Feel free to share them, as long as you give appropriate credit.

Prayer for Healing Humanity

(This prayer was first said on the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon. I was leading a group of people to offer healing on behalf of the humanity. This prayer helps to release unexpressed emotion in the field and invite a new paradigm of interconnectedness.)

 Oh Divine Mother, You who guides, protects, comforts, heals. You who loving hold us dear to your heart. We come before you bathed in your Divine Love and,

Sorrow is no more, pain is no more, heartache is no more, suffering is no more, war is no more, hunger is no more, despair is no more, imprisonment is no more, darkness is no more, the illusion of separation is no more.

Love, joy and delight are our birthright.

Heal us as we come to you on behalf of humanity and this planet upon which we stand.

It is in gratitude that we say amen, amen, amen, knowing that our prayer has been received.


Invocation for the Healing of Money

Money, you’ve been our servant, now be our friend. Money, we have wounded you, as you have wounded us.  We now come to give you the healing we both need.

Money, you have been forced to cause tears of sorrow, now inspire tears of joy.

Money, you have been forced to cause the fires rage, now bring the fires of inspiration,

Money, you have been forced to cause the parched ground of poverty, now become the ground of abundance and wholeness,

Money, you have been forced to be a facilitator of abuse, now facilitate generosity and delight,

Money, you have been forced to cause spiritual chains, now become a creator of spirit.

Money, reveal yourself as an expression of divine love

Money, reveal yourself as bringer of justice and balance

Money, reveal yourself as a being that facilitates happiness and joy.

Money, you are now healed, cleansed and whole.

We are both free.

Prayer for Perfect Expression of Gifts in Market Place

I ask, now, that my mind, body and spirit be aligned so that my talents and gifts coalesce into their perfect divine expression in the marketplace.

Let me step forward with confidence, ease and grace. May my magnificence shine brightly as a star, illuminating the way for those I am called to serve.

May I flourish in all ways, financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually as I open my heart to receive, in joyous delight, all the good that life has to offer.