Guidance for 2017 for Humanity

Guidance for 2017 for Humanity

Huan San The theme of this year is love abounding.

Once I month I host an Akashic Gathering. In January, we asked for guidance for 2017 on behalf of humanity. This is the information we received.

“It is important now, more than ever to stay in the wisdom of the heart. This does not preclude taking action for those causes worthy of time and attention. It must not be fighting against. Instead, taking a stand for justice on behalf of all creation. It is an expansion of the heart, speaking from the heart, holding vigil from the heart, and connecting deeply heart to heart.

It’s important to maintain and expand connections, seeking out like-minded individuals who hold the light of love. It’s essential to note that love not passive, but active. Tolerating hatred and injustice is not an act of love. Taking a strong stand requires deep caring and love beyond the ego – all the while holding a vision for the highest and best.

Expand your communities. Find safe places where you feel celebrated. Connecting with groups and organizations locally, nationally and globally is essential. Now is the time for the collective to reign strong.

Do not lose hope or become disheartened. You will see the blessings in the current political situation, as difficult as it is. Do not live in fear for the future. There are Divine hands and plans in place.

Be fierce, hold the light.”

The Record Keepers


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